Farfalletta means butterfly in italian. The butterfly stands for lightness, quietness, airiness, balance, gracefulness, freshness, independence and joy. The butterfly symbolises rebirth. 

The butterfly has a long history of symbolic meanings. The early christians believed that the butterfly stands for a human spirit. In China it has a meaning of the happyness of marriage; In some indian tribes the butterfly was a symbol of guidance, especially during the hard times of their lives. Mostly the butterfly has a meaning of a pleasant change. 


Who are we?

Our names are Rauno and Liisi. 


We have founded our cattery to breed longhaired and shorthaired scottish fold and scottish straight cats who have the best mental and physical health and an excellent attitude.  The pureness of the breed inspires us. In addition to that our priority is to develope healthy scottish fold and straight community in Estonia and in Europe. For that we have created joyful growth environment to our cat. 


The main architect of our cattery is Gloria. She is the mother of our cattery. Knowing the spiritual side of our Gloria and her graceful and balanced behavior we are aware that our Gloria is a butterfly (metaphorically). Gloria is a sibling of the world champion. She has the quality and the best genes.